About the Artist

Kathy Marmor | k.marmor@umbc.edu | CV resume

Screen Memories

I have always been drawn to unconventional tools and processes, especially those that were once considered peripheral in the visual arts. Like many contemporary artists I use the computer as a creative tool and more recently collaboration with other creatives to make interactive installations, sculptures and two-dimensional images. Throughout my ovure, four central themes have emerged: the body, identity, technology, and orientation. My work often focuses on how these themes intertwine and in my recent projects , such as Vitae, are approached more personally. Feminism has deeply influenced my art from my earlier performance art work to my current series of textile wall sculpture, Beyond Midlife:Unspooling. Its core concepts of female presence and agency are central in my work and inform my thoughts about identity and how we as people  become consciously aware of our positioning in relation to the world we inhabit.

Kathy Marmor Portrait

Kathy Marmor is a feminist and Baltimore based interdisciplinary artist. Her performances, interactive installations and digital collages are sly visual expositions about the human body, either her own or the installation’s participant. Each piece examines social and political power structures and explores their impact and influence on selfhood and personal agency. Kathy creates her two-dimensional collages from photographic sources mined for their cultural associations. She digitally alters or recombines images, using them as pictorial inventions for her installations and other forms of experimental art. Kathy has exhibited at venues such as Mobius (performance), SIGGRAPH, (computer graphics and interactive techniques) and Lightworks (Photography). Her recent work is personal; focusing on family, aging and end of life.