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Screen Memories

I am here..and through this body I know...
Feminism has shaped two major questions that guide my creative practice. First, how does one’s sensory experience establish a sense of self?  And how does power, in both its overt and covert forms, affect our lived experiences?  I use performance, installation, and digital art to address these two questions and explore the complex linkages between them. My art emphasizes the importance of one’s physical body and one’s psychological awareness of being. My performances and installations invite the audience or participant to recognize their own personal power by defining presence as the immediacy of agency and action.
Locating with the body…
With the advent of the personal computer, presence was untethered from the physical world. Presence became a set of binary numbers, a simulation adrift in cyberspace. I approach this paradox of presence – presence in absence – by subverting it in my work. I believe that human- machine interfaces represent a reciprocity between people and machines. In my installations and digital art I create facsimiles of machines embedded with custom interfaces that function as instruments for orienting oneself in the contemporary digital landscape. I employ a number of other strategies in my work to highlight how technology such as computer screens, smart phones, space satellites and scientific equipment represent a nexus of self, knowledge, and power.

Physical Computing…
In some of my installations I turn viewers into participants by using their bodies as input devices. Their active participation and subsequent manipulation reveal or change the work’s structure. These interactive installations ask the participant to consider who is in control and how do we, as embodied subjects, maintain a sense of self and agency?
Truths in fictions…
I create photo-collages; sharpening, inventing, or altering the photograph’s meaning by digitally manipulating them. At times, I integrate these collages into my installations, combining them with other sculptural and video elements to produce spaces that are enigmatic thresholds between the analogue and digital.
Connecting what we believe with what we do...
 I often work in a series. Each series serves as an analogy for political, social, or cultural systems. These thematically connected pieces use different approaches and perspectives to reveal how power is reinforced through separate but interrelated mechanisms.

Mid Career…
My current work offers a more personal meditation on nature as well as a change in materials. A recently completed series entitled Beyond Midlife employs both textiles,text and abstract digital collages to illuminate the consequences of aging for women. A second body of work incorporates digital photo-collages and interactive sculptures to examine the catastrophes of fire, flood, and infection. This new series reveals the power we each have in our roles, whether as bystander, witness, victim or activist.

Kathy Marmor Portrait

Kathy Marmor is a feminist and Baltimore based interdisciplinary artist. Her performances, interactive installations and digital collages are sly visual expositions about the human body, either her own or the installation’s participant. Each piece examines social and political power structures and explores their impact and influence on selfhood and personal agency. Kathy creates her two-dimensional collages from photographic sources mined for their cultural associations. She digitally alters or recombines images, using them as pictorial inventions for her installations and other forms of experimental art. Kathy has exhibited at venues such as Mobius (performance), SIGGRAPH, (computer graphics and interactive techniques) and Lightworks (Photography). Her recent work is personal; focusing on family, aging and end of life.