Screen memories and the dynamics of forgetting

Screen Memories takes its name from a paper entitled Screen Memories written by Freud in 1899. In my work I use this idea of a screen ( a memory connected to a suppressed memory ) as manifested in the actual physical form of the computer monitor or CRT. The "silver screen " is replaced by the CRT's shadow mask. The reflected images of the mouth, the ear and the throat refer to Lacan's Objet a which stand for the unattainable object of desire. I see the computer screen as both a mirror ( I always see myself) and the repository of all that which is unattainable( can not have what is represented there within) . This produces an unstable sense of identity, one that is both always me and never me. This identity in flux is represented by those parts of the body that are sensual stand ins for genitalia - the ear, the the tongue and the throat.