Weather Maker
Interactive Installation watch the video

           In Weather Maker the rocking chairs are the computer’s interface. One controls the sound and the other chair controls the video. The video or audio changes with each backward movement of the chairs. I intended for two people to sit together side by side and through their collaboration create a unique audio-visual composition.

Weather Maker takes the changes in the weather as a metaphor for internal shifts of emotion. It uses abstractions of weather events to reveal the emotions we weather.

The voices of the weathermen on Vermont’s daily Eye on the Sky locate me constantly in the present and fix me firmly in the here and now of this small northern state. Our understanding of the weather, the science of it and its forecasting is one way we orientate ourselves to the world in which we inhabit. The white porch rocker and the soothing voices (no matter what the weather) of Mark Breen, Steve Maleski and Chris Bouchard – are markers, like the points of a compass that confirm my sense of place but also foster the sense of a shared identity.

This work also serves as a prototype for another work also called Weather Maker that will be completed in 2009