the origins of Life
An Installation watch the video

The Origins of Life is a interactive multimedia work that alludes to the practice of scientific quantification via a set of domestic measuring spoons. The installation consists of a work-bench, an open recipe book and an oversized measuring cup. On the face of the work-bench are four metal plates that form the hooks for the measuring spoons. To the left of the bench is a large screen that displays the triggered movies. The spoons are actually part of an electronic switch that triggers the computer to play either movies or sounds. A person triggers different movies by hanging up the spoons in different combinations. There are fifteen movies, one for each spoon combination. This direct form of interaction takes a familiar task and gives it a new meaning through the virtual remixing of movie and sound loops. The movies humorously explore the coalescence of science and cooking. They depict a creation myth that is based on making food to parody the culinary metaphor that describes the genome as containing a molecular recipe of life. The Origins of Life makes visible the invisible social and political implications of using an everyday activity like cooking as a metaphor for scientific processes.